09 Feb

SEO can be a powerful tool for your swimming pool company.  

As you many of you know the Dallas area is a rapidly growing and expanding market made up of millions of people.  Dallas also boasts one of the fastest-growing and hottest markets for swimming pools.  With the average cost of a swimming pool running between $70-$80,000 the profit potential and outlook for your company is great.  Leveraging the search results and tapping into the vast amount of people who are searching for swimming pool companies in Dallas should be the number one goal for your SEO campaign.  SEO can deliver qualified buyers at the very moment that they’re looking for your company and what you do.  Search engine optimization for a pool company can have amazing results, deliver qualified customers, and make closing the sale much easier than traditional marketing techniques.

Let’s use an example to explain the benefits.  If you have an ad in a magazine, that goes out to hundred thousand people, the percentage of people who are actually actively buying a swimming pool and in the readership of the magazine is rather small.  The typical return is less than .3% on a print ad.  This means that about 150 people who read that magazine may be in the market for swimming pool.  Because the ad is not digital, you now have to rely on them either remembering your phone number, or going onto a computer and typing in your web address.  Out of the 150 potential customers less than 5%, will take that next step. This means, that your actual customer potential is 7.5.  However, in reality with print ads the numbers are typically much lower.  Most magazines, phonebooks, newspapers all claim a .3% return on investment, however in my experience the numbers are typically around .1%.  At .1% you’re looking at an average of two people who are potentially in the market for a new swimming pool.

Now let’s look at doing SEO for swimming pool company in Dallas.  SEO on average has an 85% return on investment.  Let’s take the concept, and use a total of 50,000 searches per month.  Assuming your search engine optimization campaign has you within the first three spots, you can enjoy at least 10% of that traffic coming into your website.  This would lead to about 5000 visitors per month seeing your website, your services, and all of what you have to offer.  If you can close as little as 1% of that traffic, you would be looking at 50 new pool construction projects per month.  Even .5% would be 25 new pools per month.  Keep in mind with SEO for pool companies, the people who made up the 50,000 searches per month typed in Dallas swimming pool company in Google.  Since this is very focused to what you do, your conversion rate is much higher than traditional print advertising.

At SEO ONE, we understand the needs and demands for pool companies in Dallas and all of North Texas. With over 21 years of experience we have marketed numerous companies, and launched their SEO campaign. We specialize in lead generation; new customer acquisition and we focus on your bottom line.

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