SEO for your North Carolina Business:

SEO for your North Carolina Business:


After looking at the statistics below, the question is why wouldn’t you want to do SEO for your North Carolina business?

Did you know that there are over 900,000 small businesses in the state of North Carolina?  Of all the businesses in North Carolina 98% were considered small businesses.  Not only does North Carolina have a large business community, women-owned businesses totaled over 250,000 for the state.  North Carolina is also growing faster than the national average at 2.8%.  North Carolina has a population of over 10 million people.  This population has grown steadily for the last 30 years.  North Carolina is a unique state that combines a southern feel with high tech companies.  The economy in North Carolina is great for business, has a large population, and has a steady growth rate.  All of these make SEO for your North Carolina business vitally important.


Using SEO to target North Carolina businesses and consumers should be an important aspect of your businesses marketing strategy.  Understanding this market, how it differs from other states, and how to reach your full potential is very important in the success of your North Carolina SEO campaign.  Search engine optimization for your North Carolina business should include the following;

  1. A well designed, and well laid out website
  2. Choosing the correct keywords that target North Carolinians as they are looking for your business
  3. Your website should be optimized to the current Google algorithm and standards
  4. Your SEO campaign should also include a robust social media campaign
  5. Ensure that your mobile website is also optimized for Google’s algorithm
  6. Ensure that your website is delivered to the search engines for indexing every month.
  7. Be sure to interpret the analytics that you receive after your website is optimized
  8. Check your rankings monthly and be quick to react to any sudden changes
  9. Be sure to post two times per week on each one of your social media accounts
  10. Repeat this entire process every month without fail.


By doing these 10 steps your business can leverage the power of North Carolina and tap into its 10 million people.  By targeting North Carolina, you can tap into some of its larger cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, and Wilmington.  These cities make up the core population of North Carolina and your SEO campaign should target each one individually.  Be sure not to neglect the cities surrounding each one of these large population centers, as this is how the locals do their searching.


Understanding the importance of incorporating North Carolina in your businesses SEO marketing program will have a large impact on the ultimate success or failure of your marketing program.  Search engine optimization in North Carolina is not something that should be entered into lightly.  You need to have a well thought out, organized, strategic approach to doing SEO for your North Carolina business. This will ensure that you do not miss any of the vital aspects of doing SEO in North Carolina.


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