Cary SEO, the Impact on Your Business North Carolina Business.

Why does your Cary business need SEO?  What is Cary SEO?  Does search engine optimization really make a difference for your business and Cary, North Carolina?

These questions plus more will be answered by Dan stalfire in the article below.


Cary SEO is the process in which you tell Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines what your business is about.  It is really that simple.  Doing SEO for your Cary business helps take the control away from the search engines and puts the control into your hands.  Why would any company want to rely on a dumb computer program to decide what it’s about when we can tell them exactly what we do and what we want to be found under.  When a search engine such as Google comes into your business it is looking at all the code, all the tags, and all the files trying to figure out what you do.  With SEO we can target the website in such a way that we define not only what we do but what keywords we want to be visible for.  For instance, if you own a roofing company in Cary do you want to rely on the search engines the figure out what you do, or would you rather tell the search engines that we do custom roof replacement, hail damage replacement, new roofs in Cary, or Cary roof replacement?  Cary SEO allows you to not only tell the search engines what you are about, but also expand into other areas and cities to draw traffic from those regions.


When doing proper SEO for your Cary business you need to ensure that your business follows the current Google algorithms and that you implement the code according to these rules.  Your Cary SEO program for your website should have clean precise title tag, meta-tags to reinforce the title tag, and text that supports the keywords that you wish to target.  You need to ensure that this is done on every page of your website and that you update this to the new rules every 3 to 6 weeks.  Every two weeks Google will revisit your website and determine if you are staying in compliance with its current algorithms.  To do SEO properly for your Cary business you need to ensure that you are constantly updating and tweaking the code on your website to appear.


While some businesses believe that doing SEO is an unnecessary expense and is too hard to complete they are missing the big picture.  Most businesses in today’s world are found by using a search engine. Most of your customers are googling certain keywords in order to find businesses just like yours. If you do not do SEO for your Cary business then you’re completely missing all this traffic.  While a Cary SEO program averages about $1000 per month the upside far exceeds the cost.  If a keyword such as new roof replacement in Cary has hundred searches per month, and you are first on Google, you can realistically expect to pick up about five – 10 new customers per month.  If the average roof replacement is $8000 this would be $40,000 to $80,000 per month in new revenue to your Cary business just by doing Cary SEO.


Learn more about Cary SEO and the benefits to your company contact Dan at 919-289-4790 or visit us online at  Dan and his company have been helping businesses in the Raleigh area with their SEO for over 21 years.  Dan and his team focuses on the generation, new revenue, and profit focused SEO.