Texas Web Design, How to Do it Right.

15 Feb
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Having a website in today’s world is simply not enough.  In order for a website to serve your Texas business or company properly it needs to have several factors.  It needs to be responsive, mobile friendly, and have at least three calls to action on every page.  

Let’s analyze each one of these, and look at how they can have an impact on your Texas company.  A proper web site for a Texas company is not based solely on how it looks.

The first main element your Texas website must have is called responsiveness.  A responsive website, can grow and expand or shrink according to the screen that is displaying it.  If your website is being viewed on a plasma TV in Dallas, Texas the website needs to be able to expand and fill that screen, even if it’s a 60-inch TV.  The same is true if your website is being viewed in San Antonio, Texas on a 6-inch tablet it needs a shrink in contrast to fit that device.  We call this responsive and we add a code into the website that allows it to detect what type of the screen is viewing the website and deliver the correct results.

The next main part of your Texas website, is it must be mobile friendly.  This differs slightly from responsive in that it also focuses on how the content is displayed.  A mobile friendly Texas website must have an adequate amount of spacing in between the content, so that it is easily readable from any mobile device.  A proper website design in Texas must ensure that the website passes the Google mobile test.  This is critical because if it does not, Google will not rank the site high, and your competitors will always outrank you.

The last main part of a properly designed website in Texas, are calls to action.  A call to action is simply a way for a user on your website to give you their information.  Honestly, it does not matter if your website has 10,000 people a day visiting it, if no one contacts you.  I would much rather have a website that has 100 people a day visiting it, if five people contact me.  Some of the calls to action that we use when we design a website in Texas are;

  1. A quick contact form on every page
  2. A custom quote request form
  3. Live chat
  4. Click the callback buttons
  5. Plus ensuring that the phone number is in the right spot, the right size, and the right color.

All of these factors have a major impact on the mantle leads the website generates.

Your Texas website, with the right web design, can deliver amazing leads that are high quality and convert easily.  At SEO ONE, we understand Texas and how to design a website for it’s market.  We have had an office in Texas for over 20 years, and we have built over 1,000 websites for Texas Companies just like yours.  To learn more call us at 877 4MY-WEBB or visit us online at www.seeone.com


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