3 Reasons why companies use word press for web design in Fort Worth, Texas

03 Mar

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Fort Worth, Texas

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to easily build a website and publish content online. WordPress started as a blogging platform that has evolved throughout the years into a website builder and great content management system. Due to its powerful features, It is used by top brands such as Facebook.

Why do companies use WordPress for web design in Ft. Worth, Texas.

About 34% of the internet is powered by WordPress and companies trust it to display their business to the world. This content management system has quickly become a favorite among web users because of how simple it is. If you have a business in Ft. Worth, Texas, and still not sure to use WordPress for your site then you have come to the right place.  Below are 3 reasons why companies use WordPress for their web design in Ft, Worth, Texas.

  1. Easy to use

WordPress has a built-in updates management system. This makes it simple for you to update plugins and themes within the dashboard.  The advantage of an easy-to-use and update content management system is that it can be updated by anyone within your organization. You don`t have to look for web developers to update it because anyone in your organization can update the website. Some blogs post WordPress tutorials, WordPress-related forums that you can use in case you experience any difficulty using WordPress. 

  1. It is great for SEO

WordPress is written with standard compliance high-quality codes and produces semantic markup. This lets search engines find your web page easily enabling it to get indexed. This explains why WordPress sites rank high in web development than others in search engines. Some plugins can be integrated into a WordPress website to manage SEO data such as meta descriptions and meta titles. So, even if you have little SEO knowledge, you can still optimize your content with your plugin’s recommendation.  WordPress also helps to improve your website ranking by ensuring search engine practices such as friendly SEO page titles, image optimization, and many other google friendly features. WordPress also has the best SEO practices implemented to help you save time on thinking about the keywords to use and ways you can use to optimize your website to rank in search engines. 

  1. It has great plugins and themes

The majority of the people using WordPress are not even web developers and programmers. Many people start using WordPress without any experience in designing websites. There is a perfect WordPress theme for just about every kind of website. WordPress themes are also easy to customize because a lot of them come with their panel allowing you to change colors, update the logo, change the background and truly customize it to your needs without writing any code at all. It is common for these theme`s to serve as a site`s foundation. You can also add customs functionality to your WordPress sites by using plugins. These plugins are like apps in your website that you can use to add advanced features like analytics, contact form, and more. There are a thousand free and available to use. Apart from adding extra functionality, some WordPress plugins can let you change your website to look into a completed new platform.

There are also more reasons why companies use WordPress for web design in Ft. Worth, Texas that I haven`t mentioned. Even though it is easy to use WordPress, you will still need the support of web developers, SEO strategists, content writers, copywriters, and marketing professionals who have better skills in web development. The best way to experience the power of WordPress is by using it. You can use WordPress for a personal or commercial website. If you aren`t using WordPress the reasons mentioned above should give you enough incentive to make you switch to WordPress. The best way to experience the power of WordPress is by using it.


As a business owner and you want to customize your website to be attractive to your online customers, I recommend you to use WordPress. Not only do you maintain complete control over your site, but you receive great advantages like plugins, themes, free tools, and full media support.

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