Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Speaking of your Eiffel Tower, we can help you build it.? Whether you choose a custom made or themed website, we are committed to ensuring you have a solid foundation for marketing your business online.?? With an in-house team for design and development, well guarantee a competitive rate with a quick turnaround and a no-nonsense approach.? Be part of our team by offering your input on content, photos, and marketing tools for your website.? Every brick on our path will pave a lifelong partnership between our company and yours.

Yes, if you have a business, you should have a website. Period. No question. Without a doubt.

Currently, the economy is dictating major changes in the way businesses operate. Naturally, the first reaction is to tighten the belts and evade additional expenditures. To the contrary, when markets contract, businesses must find new methods to attract new business and retain current clients.


  1. The public now expects businesses and organizations to have a Web site even if its simply an informational platform with contact information.
  2. Portray and control the image of the business.
  3. Adding legitimacy and credibility. Websites are now as essential as a telephone, fax machine or printed brochure.
  4. Educate customers to the products and services of the business and keeping them up to date.
  5. A Website will increase business profits through sales conversion and relationship building.
  6. More people search the web than use the Yellow Pages when looking for a product or service.
  7. Consumers want to know more about who their doing business with. A website allows a way to communicate with customers that is always accessible.
  8. If youre not found, your competitor will be.


A phone, fax machine or brochures are essential but do they guarantee success? If not used effectively, they are just expenses and neglecting them can put your company at a serious disadvantage. No company operates without a phone. A Web site and the services it can provide are equally essential for the 21st century. To get some indication of how immediate your need for a site is, check out the Web presence of your competitors. None of them have Web sites yet? Lucky you, you’ve not only got some breathing space, you also have a good shot at being the first to attract new markets. Your competitors already have Web sites? Get to work, fast.


The sky is the limit and the imagination is the jet fuel, with the budget being the only restricting factor when it comes to how a website can help your business.

Professional services (Attorney, Doctor, and Dentist):

For these services, which can’t use conventional advertising methods, a Web site is especially valuable. Here is an accepted way of showcasing your areas of specialization. Cite Publications, Display Awards, Post Articles, and demonstrate your credentials.

Design services (Architect, Interior Designer, Home Renovator, Illustrator, etc.):

On a website, a picture is worth a million words. Before & after pictures can tell your story, without the costs of 4-color printing and distribution.


  • People choose restaurants not only for their food, but also for their ambiance and convenience.
  • Show attractive photos of the interior, and sample entrees on a beautifully set table.
  • Have you had good reviews? Reprint them on your site.
  • Show your menu.
  • Advertise special offerings and services such as business lunches, catering, etc.
  • Post testimonials from satisfied patrons.


Realty services:

Pictures work wonders on a website. Potential buyers want to see the properties. Show them off with lots of full-color, large-format photos. Sites are easily kept current with new information and properties.


Retail store:

Even if you’re not yet ready for the expense of full-blown e-commerce, a site can effectively promote your business. A user-friendly online brochure is easily done — and saves thousands in printing and mailing costs.

  • Publicize sales and special offers.
  • Post the positions and let prospects contact you by e-mail.
  • Post a printable map showing your location.
  • Customer service is faster and friendlier when customers can contact you immediately, 24 hours a day, or by e-mail



  • Post clips with copyright information, and refer editors to this page in your queries.
  • Promote published books.
  • Sell your books from your site via an affiliate link to an online seller such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Non-profit organizations:

It’s important to establish credibility, especially when you’re engaged in fundraising. Document your organization’s progress, achievements, and contributions. Once your site is launched and properly registered with search engines you may be found by sectors of the public that you’d never have been able to otherwise identify and reach.

For a business website to be useful to customers it has to have certain characteristics. These relate to usability and professionalism. A website needs to be easy to navigate and look professional so as not to discourage potential customers. How many websites have you visited that looked unprofessional and was difficult to navigate? What did you do? The chances are you left the website and never returned. This is what customers will do when they are faced with an unprofessional website that is difficult to navigate.

Remember, just because a website is not generating huge amounts of revenue to a business does not mean it is not adding value to the business. In fact, even if a website only generates a handful of sales over the space of a year, due to the inexpensive webhosting that is available it would more than likely pay for itself anyway.


  1. We will customize your website design to fit your companys goals and culture, while maintaining your corporate brand.
  2. You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager.
  3. We provide an online Report Center.
  4. Unsurpassed Customer Service.