Georgia SEO

What is the Georgia SEO, profit potential? 

Is Georgia good state to do business in?

Why should I do SEO for my Georgia company?

These and other questions are very common for most Georgia business owners.  Doing SEO in Georgia for your company can have a major impact on your business, the rate at which it grows, and the profit it receives.


Did you know that Georgia has over 980,000 small businesses in the state?  Also, did you know that small businesses in Georgia employ over 1.5 million people?  Most people don’t know this, and fail to target this market.  Georgia has a growth rate of over 2% which is faster than national average.  This growth rate has been increasing regularly and demonstrates the profit potential for your Georgia business.  Doing SEO in Georgia for your company can have a long-lasting impact on your business.


Let’s look at a Georgia SEO campaign and what that might mean for your company.  If you own a construction company in Georgia and you are on the first page of Google for Georgia construction company, here’s how it works out.  Assuming that the average cost of doing SEO in Georgia is $1200 per month, here’s what your profit would look like.  A first page ranking on Google for construction company Georgia has over 3000 searches per month.  If you’re on the first page of Google at the top you can expect 30% of this traffic to come into your website.  That would be 900 visitors to your website per month from just this one keyword.  The national average for Georgia SEO is a 10% conversion rate.  This means out of those 900 visitors, 90 per month will potentially become clients.  If each client spends as little as $300 with your business that would be $27,000 in new revenue to your company.  Even if your business performs at half the national average that would still be 45 new customers to your business per month and $13,500 in new revenue per month, off of just one keyword.  When you consider that your Georgia SEO campaign typically includes 15 to 30 keywords for $1500 per month, you can see that the profit potential is much, much, greater.  Doing SEO for your Georgia business should be a vital aspect of every companies marketing plan.  The amount of traffic online and the ability to target them as hey are purchasing makes it a surefire way to increase your revenue.  Whether you own a construction company, septic company, are a realtor, or virtually any business that needs new customers Georgia SEO should be included in your marketing.

In conclusion, doing a Georgia SEO campaign for your business can take you to the next level.  It allows you to compete with all sizes of companies and it allows you to stand out from the crowd.  Georgia is an amazing state that is growing rapidly, and doing SEO keeps you from being left out.  Looking at the many benefits of SEO for your business far outweighs the small cost to do it.

This article Georgia SEO, the profit potential was written by Dan Stalfire with SEO ONE.  SEO ONE has been helping businesses just like yours do SEO in Georgia for over 21 years.  SEO ONE focuses on lead generation, new customer growth, and profit focused SEO.  To learn more call Dan at 877 4MY WEBB “877 469-9322” or visit us online at