South Carolina SEO, the Benefits for your Business:

Whys Does a South Carolina Business Need SEO?

South Carolina’s is a growing and expanding market.  South Carolina boast a fast-growing economy, with a small-town feel. South Carolina employs over 700,000 people in the small business sector, and over 50% of all the businesses in South Carolina are small businesses.   Small businesses in South Carolina employ over 90% of the workforce, and over 400,000 small businesses call South Carolina home.  Just looking at these numbers alone shows you the benefit of doing SEO in South Carolina.


With over 400,000 small businesses in South Carolina, how will your company reach these businesses, and the over 5 million people in the state.  SEO in South Carolina gives you the ability to stand out from the crowd, separate you from your competitors, and reach your customers as their shopping for your business.  Doing SEO for your company is what will make you show up on Google before your competition.  Let’s say you own a dental office in Charleston, South Carolina.  Your area has 50 dentist all serving the Charleston, South Carolina market.  You have a beautiful website that shows everything you do.  However, when you do a search on Google your website shows up on page 4, 40 places from the top.  Honestly how many new customers will find your website by going to page 4 to look for a dentist?  The true answer is virtually no one will.  I don’t go off of page 1, maybe page 2, but most people won’t.  Let’s say that search term Charleston, South Carolina dentist has 200 searches per month.  That’s 200 potential customers you’re completely missing every single month by just not being on the first page.  Now let’s say you’ve done SEO for your Charleston, South Carolina dental office and you’re on page 1 at the top.  You can expect 10% to 30% of that traffic to come into your website.  Now if out of that 10% to 30% 10% contact you, you’re looking at between 2 to 6 new customers per month off of just one keyword.  If these customers spend on average $200 with your business on a first visit, that is between $400-$1200 per month in new revenue.  This is also just one visit, not repeat follow-ups, and not other family members that they refer to your business.  As you can see in this example, the potential profit for your dental office via SEO in South Carolina is enormous.


The impacts of doing SEO for your South Carolina business are enormous.  The market has great potential and is growing rapidly every day.  Tapping into this could be the difference between success or failure for your business.  South Carolina SEO can be a game changer, and it can move your business into a new era of profitability.