5 Content Marketing Ideas

06 Nov

Publishing unique yet relevant content to get attention from the targeted audience is called content marketing. Content marketing is one of the marketers’ favorite strategies to reach prospective buyers and creating brand awareness. 72% of the marketers agree that high-quality content engages the audience and generates 60% more leads in the long-long-run.

Importance of Content Marketing

“Content gives wings to a brand to conquer the market.”

No marketing campaign can take off successfully without connecting to the audience. Content marketing enables a brand to reach its targeted demographics at the emotional level. Hubspot states that inbound marketers reported a double rise in their average leads, i.e., from 6% to 12%. Moreover, plagiarism-free unique content supports SEO of your business. Strong SEO brings organic traffic to create brand awareness and potential leads. Great content grabs the attention of the audience, and you can communicate your brand narrative more effectively.

Best Content Marketing Ideas

Creating a mindblowing content that could explain and communicate the audience in a lighter way is not easy to create. Marketers investment a lot of time and energy to hit the right pitch for their companies. These are the five latest, tried, and tested content marketing ideas.

1. Use Visual Senses; Infographics, Images & Photos

Have you ever heard that your eyes can also talk? If not, then let me tell you it is undoubtedly true. You can grab your audience to support your narrative or promote your brand by creating some visual treats. It is clear from the researches that the human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than plain texts. You can use the following types of visual content.

  • Toon art and animated videos
  • Infographics
  • Pictures related to your business
  • Images
  • Artworks

In light of the fact mentioned above, consumers will respond 60,000 faster to your visual content than plain texts.

  1. Hit the Market with Super Cool Videos

People love to see something extraordinary, exciting, and adventurous. There are millions of videos that are already surfing around the internet. Anything mediocre would slip unnoticed, doing nothing useful. 60% of marketers are of the viewpoint that YouTube is a better advertisement medium than Live Tv. A super cool video that can pull massive viewership should contain the following elements.

  • Unique subject matter
  • Attractive title and introduction
  • Background music according to the subject of the video
  • Concise and to the point execution of the idea
  • AV Quality of the footage
  1. Create Copyright Free Content

Companies share copyright-free content, which is open to further sharing. They share occasional tweets and posts to commend or console the audience. They do so to provoke an emotional response from their audience. These responses develop a sense of being loved in the audience. For instance, a gardening company shares insights into their beautiful gardens and nurseries in the hope of appreciation from its audience. These copyright-free shots with a logo or watermark are mini-marketing campaigns.

4. Make Vlogs

Vlogging is the recent trend to involve with the audience at a casual and personal level. According to Marketing Insider, businesses are creating 18 vlogs annually because consumers prefer to share videos 39% more than a blog. What would you prefer to share, a prank written in a text form or an actual video of its execution? I guess you got my point.

5. Share Blog Posts

Videos are quite in trend and easy to market, but you cannot ignore the importance of an informative blog. Written content improves the bounce rate of a website and acts as an asset. To market your content, add the following in your written blogs.

  • Attention-grabbing headlines and captions
  • Well structured content
  • Use sub-headings, bullets, and highlighted text and summary
  • Use visual aids in your written content
  • Accurate facts and figures

These content marketing ideas can pursue your narrative effectively. However, which one will you choose for marketing your content?


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