Financial Advisors And Outsourcing Internet Marketing: 5 Questions To Ask

06 Nov

Being a financial advisor takes a lot of knowledge and skills, but you don’t need to be a jack of all trades to get new clients.

Since the popularity of the internet, it has become easy to hire marketing and other experts. Outsourcing your workload helps you to focus on more critical chores like meeting investors and working for them.

If you are a financial advisor and does not know much about the core of marketing, you can outsource it to marketing experts.

Why Do You Need to Hire Marketing Experts?

Marketing and finance go hand in hand. Being a financial advisor, you cannot ignore the benefits of working with a marketing expert who knows what he is doing. Not hiring a marketing expert unquestionably saves a few bucks, but it should not be considered based on the cost of losing prospective clients.

If you think you are not doing brilliantly in marketing, evaluate your performance. The following questions help will you determine your needs correctly whether you need to outsource for marketing needs or not.

Q 1. How am I performing in comparison to my competitors?

Marketers earn money by sales, and financial advisors invest it wisely, both are different jobs and require a different set of knowledge. If you are a financial advisor doing marketing campaigns by yourself, it is imperative to do a comparative analysis of the market to evaluate your performance as a marketer. Comparison of your performance against the best and worst competitors can tell you either you need to outsource for marketing or stick with your efforts.

Q 2. How many leads am I generating?

Marketers work tirelessly to gain new customers for their clients. Full-time marketers use advanced practices for lead generation, which a financial advisor may not know. They design and run campaigns according to the needs of their clients. Marketing of someone’s skill set is a full-time job, and it requires extensive knowledge of the best techniques to do so.

Q 3. What is the conversion rate of my leads?

A high conversion rate of leads into clients is an indication of successful marketing efforts. The internet has paced up the evolution of marketing in the two decades. Every year, new marketing models and techniques make their way to the market. Press releases, radio ads, billboards are outdated outbound marketing techniques that have low ROI. 52% of outbound marketers admit that outbound marketing techniques do not give desired results.

Q 4. Is marketing strategy up to date?

If you are using old school techniques, there’s a high chance that you may not be achieving your goals. It would help if you also considered the viability of your set goals. Unrealistic goals are a waste of time and will not do anything useful for you.

The use of outbound marketing techniques has many disadvantages. They are costly and are least approachable to the audience. Traditional press releases, telemarketing, and emails do not bring quick results. However, the most adverse disadvantage of outbound marketing is that you knock the doors of the people who do not want to be disturbed.

Q 5. How many organic leads I have got recently?

All that fuss from writing emails to content sharing is for getting a response from prospective clients. If you can’t remember the last lead, you obtained due to your marketing efforts, its time to move on and hire some experts.

Final Thought

Marketing experts do not use random techniques; instead, they design a solid plan of action. Inbound marketing has become quite popular due to its quick reach. Most importantly, by inbound marketing, you target the people who are interested in using your services. It’s not a surprise that inbound marketing produces 54% more leads than outdated, outbound marketing techniques.







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