How Small Businesses in Provo, Utah can Improve their Ranking on Google

31 Jan

SEO is an integral part of modern marketing campaigns these days. Companies spend tons of money on improving their position in search engines. Market giants in Provo like Vivint Smart Home have a reasonable budget for their SEO endeavors. But what can owners of small businesses in Provo do to make their way in Google search results?

Business In Provo, Utah

According to USA Today, Provo in Utah has been ranked as one of the best metropolitan areas in terms of economic progress. Technology is anchoring its root in the economy of Provo. 5500 new jobs were added in that industry during 2011-2016. These are some of the advantages for companies in Provo.

  • Strong economic growth in Utah which will affect all the companies in Provo as well
  • Skillful tech workforce due to Brigham Young University
  • Community support

Despite the above-discussed benefits, entrepreneurs in Provo are also facing some issues. These challenges can hurt the growth of small companies in Provo.

  • The high cost of living in comparison to per capita income
  • Expensive labor force
  • Low labor supply other than Tech-sector

Importance of SEO for Small Businesses in Provo

In an Economic summit, CEO of MoviePass Mitch Lowe advised the entrepreneurs in Utah to make life easy for their customers. If you analyze the words of Lowe, you can understand that no business can survive without adding value for their customers. How can you make life easy for your customers? Providing high-quality products and services is the primary motive of every company. In modern-day business culture, a company has to facilitate its customers to survive in the market for an extended period. SEO practices are an attempt to create awareness about the facilities provided by a company to its customers, along with its products. Companies, especially small businesses in Provo, need to work hard on the SEO to get adequate recognition in their localities. Let’s see what the best and affordable SEO practices which small businesses in Provo can adopt are.

SEO Strategy for Small Businesses in Provo

You can’t turn the fortune of your company overnight by adopting standard SEO practices. It needs patience and proper planning to reap the benefits of SEO for your business. Here is the proposed strategy for SEO of a small business in Provo.

Plan Yearly SEO Goals and Moves to Achieve it

You can’t start implementing SEO on your digital assets unless you decide what your future goals or what benefits you want to drive out of it. Your goals must be set according to the nature of your business. Here are a few primary goals which you can set in the first year for the SEO of business.

  • How much traffic do you aim to get to your site
  • What is your target of online sales

Fix Technical Aspects of your Website

A website works as a publicity brochure for your company. Any technical issue on your website will degrade your ranking in search results. There may be the following issues in your website.

  • Slow loading speed
  • A website not supported for mobile view
  • Plagiarized content
  • Bad links
  • Improper optimization of webpages
  • Unless you fix these issues, the SEO of your website will not improve.

Optimize Google My Business

You can use the My Business feature to improve your presence in the Google search results. Google allows entrepreneurs to make free profiles of their companies. My Business at Google enhances the visibility of a business in Google maps and local search results.

Off-Page and On-Page SEO

Google counts both the Off-page and On-page SEO factors while ranking a website. If a website keeps on publishing relevant and informative content, other websites connect to it for reference. This referencing builds a strong position of a business and its website in Google algorithms. Only Off-page SEO can’t bring fantastic results for a new company In Provo. On-page SEO has its perks as well. You can optimize single pages of your website for search engine rankings.

Final Word

For small business owners in Provo, it is challenging to sustain for a more extended period. According to the Office Of Advocacy, 2365 small firms winded up from the market of Utah. By improving SEO, small businesses in Provo can enhance their chances of survival.

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