How Positive Reviews Improve Your Websites Search Rankings

31 Jan

The internet is the most amazing tool for the expansion of business around the globe. It’s pretty easy to start a blog or a website to sell goods and services. But it’s not easy for a website to become the shining star of the search engines result pages. Search engines use a special mechanism of mathematical calculations to rank websites in searches. Google picks up the websites which publish the most relevant and informative content. Getting a high ranking in Google algorithms is a tough nut to crack because Google uses up to 200 factors to rank websites in search results.

How do Positive Reviews Build Reputation of a Website?

Some practices give a competitive edge to a website over its competitors. These practices are known as Search Engine Optimization or Seo. Usually, we do not associate reviews of the audience with the ranking of a website. But it’s a fact that reviews play a key role in the progress of a website. Let’s assume, you are searching for nearby restaurants in your city. Google will show you all the nearby eateries. In the search results. Google always displays restaurants with top reviews first.

Impact of Good Reviews on Search Engine Ranking of a Website

I can bet you that a business with positive reviews gets a lot more customers than others.  Positive reviews are the tokens of appreciation from consumers. A high number of positive reviews spread a good word about the business. The Good reputation of a business turns potential customers into actual customers.  Let’s have a look at the impacts of positive reviews at the search engine ranking of a website.

Increased Traffic

High traffic to a website ensures improvement in the ranking of a website in search results. Buying a service from a tried and tested website is like wearing an old shoe. That’s why customers prefer to shop again from the sites which had provided them with quality service in the past. Old customers pay frequent visits to the tried websites sites. These visits increase qualified traffic to a website. It is obvious that the most frequently visited websites grab the attention of the search engines.

Increased Backlinks

Anyone who owns a website knows that backlinks are like blood for any website. Google analyses the outbound link profile of a website before ranking it. Positive reviews may not earn backlinks for your website directly but they can pave a way for it. Others websites tend to link to those websites who have a good reputation in the market. Positive reviews from the customers boost the image of a business and its website. Other websites find these positive reviews worthy to link a website.

Increased Google Trust

You must have heard that Google uses 200+ factors to rank websites in the searches. Google Trust factor enables it to sift the spam sources. User feedback is an excellent tool for the search engines to check out the credibility of a website. Search engine bots crawl through the entire site and rank the webpage as well. Customer feedback plays a vital role for both the On Page and Off Page Seo of a website. If a website or its webpages do not add value for its audience, search engines degrade the rank of these sites.

Position in Keyword Search

Keywords are not the most important deciding factor for Seo these days. But a website can make its way to top ranks through keywords to some extent. Positive reviews compel new consumers to search for a well-reputed service provider. In simple words, a website can earn its place in the natural keyword search through positive reviews. This definitely boosts a website’s rank in search engine results.

Final Verdict

A website with poor reviews cannot survive in the modern website ranking system. It is evident from a lot of researches that users consider reviews a credible source of feedback. Search engine algorithms respond quickly to the feedbacks. Positive reviews bring more traffic and a strong link profile by earning Google Trust. Online reviews account for 10% of the factors which affect the website search ranking. But you cannot ignore the indirect impact of positive reviews on SEO of a website.

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