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23 Feb

Understanding Google’s Algorithm and the Effects it has on Your Business.

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Did you know that Google changes its algorithm 500 to 600 times per year? That means that there are slight tweaks sometimes more than two times per day.  While these tweaks are minor, not understanding why they happen and what they are can have a negative impact on your sites

13 Feb

H1 heading for your website

What is the purpose of an H1 heading for a website, and why do we need it for SEO? An H1 heading is simply a heading in the first position, this heading carries more weight than the H2, H3, and H4 headings.  In SEO, we need to achieve between a

12 Feb


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Every homeowner, and business needed an HVAC system. This is a fact that we all know and accept.  The question isn’t whether or not a business or homeowner needs an HVAC system question is why should they use you?  How do they find your business versus the thousands of other

08 Feb

Avoid these 3 Mistakes to Launch a Great SEO campaign:

We all know that old adage that no one plans to fail they just fail to plan.  This is definitely true when it comes to launching a successful SEO campaign.   Most people make three common mistakes when it comes to SEO that cost them thousands and thousands of dollars,

07 Feb

Manufacturing SEO, and the impacts it can have on your company:

While most people do not understand SEO, those who learn to leverage the power, and results that it delivers greatly benefit from it.  Search engine optimization can have a drastic impact on your company’s bottom line, and this is extremely evident in the manufacturing world.   Manufacturers have a unique

05 Feb

Understanding How a Search Engine Works, the Two Main Parts.

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A search engine works in two main parts. Both of these parts combined make up its database and deliver the results when you type in a keyword into the search box.  These two main parts are the indexer and the crawler. The first main portion of a search engine is

30 Jan

Keyword Break Down: The profit potential.

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I wanted to take a moment and show you the power of the search engines and how you can leverage it to benefit your company.   Most people do not quite understand the benefit of proper search engine optimization program.  Below I provided real-world data based off of work that