12 Feb
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Every homeowner, and business needed an HVAC system. This is a fact that we all know and accept.  The question isn’t whether or not a business or homeowner needs an HVAC system question is why should they use you?  How do they find your business versus the thousands of other HVAC companies out there?  How do you get to the customer, before your competitors?

The answer is really simple, you need to simply be found before they are.  While being found before them does not guarantee you the customer, it does greatly improve your odds of at least being able to bid on their project.  Let’s look at the typical HVAC installation project.  Let’s assume your business is on the first page Google, and Suzy homeowner calls you because her HVAC system is crashed.  You go out and install a new HVAC system for her 3000 square foot home.  Your estimate puts this job at $7500, and she accepts your offer.  You now have gotten a new client simply because you were the first business she found on Google. This little simple example demonstrates how SEO can be effective for your HVAC company.

Let’s step back and look at how we got to this point.

Doing an effective SEO campaign for an HVAC company involves many aspects, and it is a lot of work.  To do the SEO campaign correctly for your HVAC company we need to pick the correct keywords, optimize the site according to Google’s algorithm, develop the content properly, and get the site to Google and the other search engines correctly.  The typical SEO campaign runs at about $1000 per month and is something that to do properly, you need to continue every month.

While this may sound like a lot of money, let’s briefly with analyze the results.

Let’s say your business is in Charlotte North Carolina.  In Charlotte North Carolina, in June there are over 2500 searches for heating and air companies.  If your business is on the top of page 1 of Google you can comfortably expect between 10 to 30% of that search traffic coming into your website.  This is the national average for first page results.  Let’s use the lower number for this example and assume 10% come into your website.  That is 250 visitors in June of customers looking for a heating and air-conditioning company.  If you can achieve even 10% of these people as your customer that would be 25 new customers per month.  If the average spend with your company, is even just $500 that would be $12,500 in new revenue just from the SEO alone for one keyword.  If one of these customers buys a new HVAC system from your business that number goes up to $20,000 per month.  Most business owners would gladly spend $1000 per month in marketing to generate $20,000 a month in revenue.  Keep in mind my numbers are extremely conservative and the real numbers can be much higher.

Doing SEO for your HVAC company can have an amazing impact on its future.  The possibility of picking up 10, 20, 50 new customers per month is a reality that other HVAC companies that do SEO are enjoying.  Having worked with numerous SEO companies, I can tell you firsthand that these numbers are realistic.

This article was written by Dan Stalfire of SEO one.  Dan has been helping HVAC companies with their SEO since 1997.  Dan is a top 10 expert in his field, and specializes in lead generation, SEO, and digital marketing.  To learn more visit us online at www.SEOone.com, or call Dan at 877 4MY WEBB.


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