H1 heading for your website

13 Feb

What is the purpose of an H1 heading for a website, and why do we need it for SEO?

An H1 heading is simply a heading in the first position, this heading carries more weight than the H2, H3, and H4 headings.  In SEO, we need to achieve between a 4 and 9% keyword density for each keyword that we optimize that webpage for.  Google sets these rules and it shows that this keyword is a higher priority than other keywords.  By placing that keyword in our H1 heading, it increases the weight for that keyword in the webpage.  This then shows Google that this is the keyword that we wish to have our site optimize for.  We begin the optimization by placing the keyword in the title tag of the website, and then we begin to reinforce that title tag with the keyword throughout the webpage.  Google arrives at the website, reads the title tag and from that determines what keywords we are saying the webpage is about.  It then continues to crawl the rest of the webpage looking for what we said the webpage was about, and trying to reinforce that.  When it arrives at our website, it looks at the H1 heading to help determine the weigh.  The H1 heading increases the weight of your keywords, and reinforces that this is what we are about.

H1 heading, is a rather simple way to increase the weight of a keyword for your webpage, and show Google that is relevant.  Most websites, failed to include an H1 heading.  By failing to include H1 heading, they are leaving out a simple way to increase the weight of their keywords, and achieve a ranking that they desire further website.

In conclusion adding an H1 heading to your website is a simple way to add to your websites SEO.  H1 heading increases the density of your keywords, reinforces the title tag, and shows Google what the website is about.

This article about each H1 headings was written by Dan Stalfire with SEO ONE.  SEO ONE provides digital marketing, SEO, web design, and social media to companies around the world.  To learn more about SEO ONE visit us at www.seoone.com or call 877 4MY-WEBB.


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