Keyword Break Down: The profit potential.

30 Jan
what is seo

I wanted to take a moment and show you the power of the search engines and how you can leverage it to benefit your company.  

Most people do not quite understand the benefit of proper search engine optimization program.  Below I provided real-world data based off of work that we did for a construction company in the Raleigh area. This company was wanting to start an SEO program with us, but did not quite understand why they needed one. They wanted to start one because they were told that they should have one, but since they don’t work on computers and they don’t quite understand all the benefits of SEO they didn’t know whether or not it was needed. They were great at construction, and their renovations and remodeling was amazing.  Like most companies they were really good at what they did, but didn’t understand all the voodoo and snake oil that goes with SEO. I provided them with this keyword break down and analysis to demonstrate what the benefits of a proper SEO program would be.

Here are the results of the keyword research I found.  This is based off of real numbers and stats.  If we target 30 terms for an average of 5,000 searches per month the numbers work out as follows.  The industry average is that you will get 33% of the traffic if you are at the top of the 1st page for a keyword.  That would be 1,650 visitors to the website.  Let’s be very conservative and say we only get 15%, which would be 750.  Now let’s say only 20% order or contact us.  That would be 150 potential new customers per month.  Let’s again be even more conservative and say we only get 10%, that would still be potentially 75 new customers per month.  Even if my numbers are off by 50% you are still looking at 38 new customers.  Again, being even more conservative, if I am off by another 50% that would still be 19 new customers per month.  If they spend as little as $1000 each with you, you would be looking at $19,000 in new sales per month or an additional $228.000 per year.

I am happy to report a few years later that my analysis was pretty accurate. To this day they still remain our customer and our friend.


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