How to build a strong SEO foundation for a new website?

27 Feb

Organic search is significant for a successful business. A reliable SEO foundation from the beginning is a must for successful marketing endeavors. To generate traffic for a website needs to be optimized for the search engine. SEO is of prime importance because organic traffic can make up to 70% of the overall traffic of a site. For building a strong SEO foundation, here’s the plan of action for your site development.

1. Define Your Niche

Narrow down your niche for a new website and figure out who is going to view your content. Sometimes a vague idea can bring success because vague things are new creative inspirations. Along with your creativity keep consider these points; defining your niche.


  • What is your targeted audience?
  • What age and gender are you going to target?
  • What are their subjects of interest?
  • How do your customers spend their money?
  • Do they prefer personalized emails or comment section?
  • What information are they looking?


Identifying your potential audience will help you to your fan base and clientele in no time.

2. Decrease loading time

Google is much concerned about the loading time for a quick search result. Hence It spends millions of dollars to speed up the load time. Faster load time is critical for strong SEO foundation of a website. Moreover, it had positive impacts on site popularity and users mind. If a website takes 10s of loading time, it could 123% of its organic traffic, and those visitors aren’t going to visit anytime soon.


3. Optimize On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the first step to start a new website and a critical factor in building your brand. Newbies need to create traffic for each content to rank their website. To do that, apply these on-page SEO tactics.


  • Create high-quality content with provided keywords.
  • Include a keyword into your start title.
  • Doing keyword research and fitted into other parts of the page to maximize SEO.
  • Use Long-tail keywords because they are much closer to purchase rather than just seeking information.


Furthermore, give your URLs special attention: how to do it? Keep it concise for top ranking. You shouldn’t underestimate the vitality of SEO powered URLs. Use the target keyword in URLs because first 3 to 5 words in a URL about the topic of the webpage are essential according to Google.


Also, building outbound links and improving the internal linking structure is a useful trick of on-page SEO.

It shows to the readers that your website is a reliable source for getting information and placing an order.


Image optimization is also necessary for on-page SEO. Visual contents are needed to engage the readers. Make sure your image file includes the target keyword in your image ALT text.

4. Prioritize Mobile Indexing

Over a couple of years, mobile has been a buzzword. Now, it is equally essential for SEO in a highly competitive online market. According to CitrusBits, 9% of consumers use their mobile phones to look at answers for a query. Google officially announced that by July 2019, mobile-first indexing would be implemented. Google used to index the mobile version of the website separately and do not index a site which is not optimized for mobile phones. For indexing a site higher in SERPs, mobile versions of sites have gained significant importance. Mobile-first indexing has forced the SEO experts to re-evaluate their SEO strategies. Newbies should know how to optimize your site for mobile-first indexing.

5. Set-up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a core pillar for a reliable SEO foundation of a website. Without incorporating these tools into your SEO strategy, you can not assess your website’s performance.

Google Analytics is the premium SEO tool to monitor who is viewing your page and how they found it. It is quite easy to optimize your site by using this tool. Go to and sign up; you will receive a specific and unique tracking code. You will post this code on your site once it has been configured.

 Final Thoughts

New bloggers should build an SEO strategy for a website before even planning to start it. Above mentioned tips are highly recommended for strong SEO foundation of a website. These tips work as a guideline to design a solid foundation for your SEO.


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