Latest SEO Tips for 2020

27 Feb

Search engines are the primary source of bringing organic traffic to a website. It may surprise you, but 93% of organic traffic is generated via search engines. A website has to abide by the SEO guidelines to get indexed by it. According to the preferences of Search engines like Google, SEO experts fix the problematic issues and misuse of developer codes.

Why is SEO a Nut to Crack?

Higher rank in SERPs of Google brings more revenue, and it often leads to the usage of malpractices to achieve instant results. To eliminate these malpractices, Google issues hundreds of SEO updates every year. Ever-changing nature of SEO keeps the marketers busy in finding the best SEO practices. For instance, your all-time favorite SEO tricks may not work after a new SEO update. However, these fresh SEO tips are applicable in mid-year 2019.

Improvement in User Experience of Your Website

I don’t think so that this tip is going to become obsolete at any time. Every search engine wants to add value for its users by displaying the best results. It’s practically impossible to get a place in top results with poor user experience. A website with a poor user interface suffers from a high bounce rate. However, a site with an excellent user interface makes a user spend more time exploring it. User engagement convinces Google to mark a site useful by its algorithms.

Formatting of Webpages

While ranking websites in the response of a search query, search engines check the quality of website and webpages. Any issue with the format of the webpages can degrade the ranking of a site. Even great content with poor formatting can’t help your website. These are a few points which are counted as proper formatting according to SEO standards.

  • Easy to read short paragraphs
  • Inclusion of headings and sub-headings
  • Usage of bullets points
  • Use of infographics
  • Plagiarism free informative content

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones have replaced desktops to some extent for casual searching. According to CIO DIVE, 70% of traffic on a search comes via mobile phones. A website with a poor mobile interface can lose half of its traffic. Search engines never index a website unless it is mobile friendly. Here’s what you can do to make your website mobile-friendly.

  • Publish your content for both web and mobile versions
  • Structure data for the mobile version as well
  • Include Metadata for the mobile version
  • Verify your mobile site with Google Search Console

Improve Response Time of your Website

According to Google statistics, a delay of 3s in the loading of a website increases the bounce rate by 32% and a delay of 10s raises it to 123%. Response time has gained more importance since the improvement in the speed of the internet. Here’s what can be done to improve the response time of your website.

  • Minimization of HTTP requests
  • Combine developer files of your website for quick loading
  • Defer the loading of large files
  • Improve your time to the first byte
  • Improve Server response time

Optimize Your Website for Voice and Image Searches

The purpose of SEO is to maintain a site according to the requirements of the search engines. Google keeps on updating its optimization standards to facilitate new happenings in the digital world. The increasing trend of voice and image searches projects that 50% of searches will be voice or image-based by 2020. Websites maintained according to latest patterns have a higher chance of ranking in SERPs.

Implement SSL Security Protocol

Insecure websites do not have a bright chance of securing a top spot in SERPs. By getting an SSL security certificate, visitors get clear signals of spending their time on a secure platform. In 2014, Google announced to give a boost in SERPs to secure sites over insecure sites. It shows clearly that consumer security is one of the priorities of Google.

These practices are known to be most effective in boosting a website according to the latest Google modifications.

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