Optimizing for Local SEO

27 Feb

SEO for local companies has gained significant importance due to the active role of Google maps in our lives. It has become increasingly common to google the nearest restaurants, banks, and parks. Local SEO is not entirely different from standard SEO. You can use these steps to optimize your local business.

Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy which increases the visibility of a local brand or a company in local search results. According to a report by SEO Tribunal, 97% of consumers find new brands through an online resource. If this doesn’t impress you, then you may be surprised pleasantly to know that 18% of the smartphone queries turn into a purchase within 24 hours. Due to these fantastic benefits of Local Optimization, marketers use local SEO as their mainstream marketing strategy.

Optimize the Homepage of Your Website

The homepage is the face of your business. It contains the necessary info about the company. Let’s see what you should add in it.

  • Title tag
  • Header tag
  • Metadata

The relevant information in these elements makes it easy for Google bots to optimize your home page.

Optimization of Metadata

Addition of the name of your targeted city and services in meta descriptions helps the search engine bots to tag your business in specific locations. In result, you will get more organic traffic from your selected city.

Create a Separate Page for Your Product

You don’t need to optimize your entire website. Only relevant webpages can be optimized to be benefited most by the SEO. By creating separate pages for your products, you will be able to optimize all of your products for indexing at Google.

Google My Business Page

Claiming your business and listing it to Google My Business is also an inevitable step of local SEO. According to Google reports, 46% of its total queries are of local intent. You should not overlook the benefits of Google My Business when stats are suggesting such high figures.

Keep your NAP Updated

NAP contains a name, address, and phone details of a company. Make sure that your website and Google My Business page share the same information. The difference in the information at your site and Google My Business page will affect the credibility of your business. Suspicious companies hardly make their way to SERPs.

Enlist Your Business in Local Directories

Enlisting your business in local directories may be a hectic job, but it pays off at the end. These listing sites work as one-time marketing campaigns which keep on paying the reward for a long time. Sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages offer free of cost listing of companies.

Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media accounts and pages are social proof of the existence of your company. By setting up Facebook and Instagram pages, you provide your customers with a platform to share and express their opinion about your services. Google bots use more than 200 signals while ranking a company and social media sends these signals to bots as well.

Ask your Customers to Review Your Business

Reviews are tokens of acknowledgment which search engines take quite seriously. Companies with a minimum of 40 online reviews are found to have a trustworthy reputation among the customers. Google never lets infamous companies crawl up in the SERPs.

Surprisingly, 91% of the customers check online reviews to determine the level of service of a company. That’s why online reviews should not be ignored in your local optimization strategy.

Local SEO lets you explore the true potential of your business. If used rightly, you can see a massive difference in the sales and revenue of your business.

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